Adrenalin park, zip line, climbing wall

Adrenaline Park is polygon that consists of several elements taken from the mountain climbing mounted on distributed cables on height of 1-6 m between forest woods.

The participants are secured with all necessary safety equipment (harness and helmet) and tightened by double knot for safety cable placed above all elements so everything is completely secure.
All exercises are done under the supervision of the professional instructor, a member of the Mountain Rescue Service.

One of the exercises you will have to pass are hanging bridge, crossing over one cable, crossing over hanging boards, across cable with the help of hanging ropes, and so on. The exercise is finished by spectacular pulley slide.

The GOAL of this exercises is to overcome fear, practice balance, motor abilities and concentration, increase person’s self-confidence, develope and increase endurance and physical fitness, increase group and motivation spirit, develope leader’s capabilities and at the end, to enable children and adults to experience the sense of adventure. It is fun and completely safe and intended for children over 10. Upper limit depends only on yourself.

Families and individuals will remember Adventure Park for exploring and bridging their fears and discovering unknown sources of bravery. Families find their new ways to communicate. These activities encourage open mind and increase family connections.

Zip line
In our Centre you can slide connected to the 150 m long cable. Starting from the cliff and sliding through the tree tops, across the field you will experience unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Climbing wall
Free climbing is one of the sports with the greatest increase in the World. In the Adventure-Route Centre Rizvan City we built 10 m high rock of 50 m2 surface that is adjusted for anyone, those who never climbed and those more experienced climbers. We invite you to try climbing. Our instructors will clarify the basics of climbing and will be beside you on your first try to climb the heights.

150 kn per person