Driving through the gravel roads you can see beauties of the nature. We will stop at the points of the beautiful landscapes and our guest will be informed of the past life on Velebit. At this tour the guests will experience Velebit in somewhat different new way. They will see why Velebit is a Nature’s Park and why his north and southern parts are declared National Parks.

Jeep safari – “Velebit discovery” is a tourist excursion in which you will enjoy in wonderful views of Velebit heights, experience unforgettable adventure driving in the terrain vehicles through the cliffs of Velebit, get to know the natural and cultural history, and if you are lucky meet the Fairy of Velebit.


- starting point (Rizvanuša)
- Dabarska kosa (view to Ravni Dabar, tunnel in rocks...)
- tunnel in rocks and climbing point for mountaineers
- lookout towards Dabarski kukovi (geomorphologic reserve)
- visit to hole "snježnica" (snow-hole)
- old abandoned Velebit village Skorpovac
- return

Estimated route: approx. 4-4,5 hours

Route Details:
Departure from village Rizvanuša and Adventure Centre Rizvan City (village foothill of Velebit, 10 km from Gospić). We will drive by state asphalt road through Baške Oštarije, passing by the popular hotel Velebno and coming down from the main road to hamlet Stupačinovo and arrive to the foothill of Dabarski kukovi. We will continue up to the lookout Ura (Kubus) where we will see wonderful landscape of Island Pag, Velebit channel etc. We will turn to village Ledenik and continue by gravel road along the beautiful views of Island Pag to Dabarska kosa where there is an open view of the valley of Ravni Dabar and former school, now a climber's lodging.

The route leads us to the tunnel carved by bare hands during the Austria- Hungary empire. We will drive above the Došen Dabar, Došen-Dulibe and Bačić-Dulibe (all formerly inhabited and cultivated). After some time we will arrive to the point that gives an awesome view to Dabarski kukovi (the most interesting part of the middle Velebit from the geomorphologic and landscape point of view). We will enjoy in landscape and after some time sit in our terrain vehicles ad continue our route. We will stop at the hole "snježnica" (snow-hole) where you can find snow during the entire year (very impressive, Velebit is a route of holes and abysses).
Later on, we will circle around Dabarski kukovi and arrive to the old abandoned village Skorpovac where we can take a look at the house remains where used to live Velebit highlanders. We will continue our drive towards Ledenik and return to Rizvan City.

350 kn per person (min. 2 persons)