Find Robin Hood in yourself, calm your hand, aim, shoot and arrow and hit the target. As with all other sports, archery has a positive effect to psychological and physical man being. The advantages of the archery include independence, not being tied to a group, although there is no greater pleasure than team competition in […]

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Absailing is and mountaineer technique of cliff descending down the rope. In order to participate no previous experience is needed. We will teach you and you will get familiar with all the techniques of absailing, provided maximum level of security. Absailing brings up the maximum from a person. When one hangs on the rope and […]

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Price: 350 kn Days: 1

Driving through the gravel roads you can see beauties of the nature. We will stop at the points of the beautiful landscapes and our guest will be informed of the past life on Velebit. At this tour the guests will experience Velebit in somewhat different new way. They will see why Velebit is a Nature’s […]

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Price: 280 kn Days: 1

Many who saw the river Zrmanja, in a glance, their hearts were captured with its beauty. Its crystal clear waters wind through 200 m deep canyon. In the canyon it created many travertine waterfalls. The special one is the “Veliki Buk”, waterfall 20 m high and of amazing beauty. River Zrmanja is often called “Beauty […]

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Price: 200 kn Days: 1

Experience the wonderful adventure in one of the most beautiful caves on the Mediterranean sea that you will remember for long time and bore your relatives and friends telling over and over again of this unique adventure!!!!!!! What is this really about??!! Cave “Modrič” is situated in the place Rovanjska near the Starigrad Paklenica. It […]

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Price: 150 kn Days: 1
zip line (1)

Adrenalin park, zip line, climbing wall Adrenaline Park is polygon that consists of several elements taken from the mountain climbing mounted on distributed cables on height of 1-6 m between forest woods. The participants are secured with all necessary safety equipment (harness and helmet) and tightened by double knot for safety cable placed above all […]

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Paintball is one of the most exciting “extreme” sports game in the World played by the million of men and women of all age groups and lifestyles. While trying to perform you are at the same time, trying to eliminate opponents shooting them by paint balls of the paintball gun. Thinking, determination and fast reaction […]

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Price: 200 kn Days: 1

If you long for the adrenaline rush our quad mini safari is what you are looking for. Whether you are beginner or an experienced driver one hour tour through the fields and woods will give you unforgettable experience in driving. Later on, we will have one hour route and see old creek mill and take […]

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